Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing

Do you want to give your kids an unforgettable cultural experience?

Would you or your children love to explore the Chinese customs and ways of life? Then come take part in our Summer Camp in Beijing!

We’ve created an all-inclusive program in which American students will be immersed in the local culture while staying in China’s capital city. During this time in Beijing, students will learn about traditional Chinese stories and activities, visit famous (and not-so-famous) travel destinations, attend local performances, and acquire some basic Mandarin language skills.

Our Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp


Dates: July 23 – August 5, 2017

Who: This program is for elementary to high school students. All language levels are welcome!

Location: Beijing, China

A Typical Day Includes:

  • Chinese Language class
  • Chinese Culture Class
  • A Cultural Activity
  • A Field trip/Excursion around Beijing

Chinese Language and Culture class:

  • Topic Chinese language Class
  • Chinese History
  • Chinese Folk stories and Arts
  • Chinese Mythology
  • Chinese Music/Instruments Introduction and Listening

Cultural Activities/Field Trip will Include:

  • Chinese Calligraphy Practice
  • Playing Traditional Musical Instruments
  • Kung Fu/Tai Chi
  • Kite Making
  • Learning to Make Dumplings
  • The 3D Art Museum
  • Ancient Paper Making Procedures
  • Public Square Dancing

Beijing Exploration will Include:

  • The Great Wall of China
  • Forbidden City
  • Temple of Heaven
  • The Summer Palace
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Peking Opera
  • Boat Trips on the Shichahai Lake
  • 798 Art Zone
  • Beijing National Aquatics Center
  • Beijing National Stadium

And lots more!


$3,100 (Includes everything but the flight fees)


We provide premium travel insurance for international students, including health coverage.


Students will be participating in Camp Activities all day – from 9 am until after dinner.


We use a professional bus company for all field trips, camp activities, and airport pick-up and drop off.


Students will have school accommodation or stay at hotels.


We will provide all meals, everyday – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


All activities and outings are included in the program fees. No hidden fees here!


We will provide the essential documents and give advice on the application process.


All camp directors have an emergency line at which parents can reach them 24/7.

Chinese Summer Camp