About us

Let us give you a better look into who we are and what motivates us!

Capriole Education

Here at Capriole, we are all about creating exciting international learning opportunities for our students!

As the world rapidly becomes more and more inter-connected, we realize that it’s becoming increasingly beneficial for students to obtain travel/study abroad experiences from an early age. Our company was formed on the basis that it’s never too early for them to start!

To give our students these experiences, we’ve designed first-rate programs in which our students will be able to have fun while forming international friendships and enhancing their educational backgrounds.

As part of our all-inclusive programs (based primarily in China and Los Angeles), students will bond with people from diverse social upbringings, attend events and tours in their host cities, and engage in various cultural activities. All while repeatedly encountering and practicing the local language!

When you send your kids over with Capriole, you can rest assured that they will be in the very capable hands of our qualified teachers and coordinators. We realize that there can be a lot to process when experiencing a new country for the first time, so our team is here to support our students in any and every way possible.

We are confident that your kids will have a blast during their time spent with us. By giving them a glimpse into other lifestyles and cultures, ultimately we hope to broaden their minds and encourage them to think outside of their native box. So come take a leap with Capriole!


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